We are one of the leading best quality Weld Preparation Tool Assembly manufacturer in India Mumbai. The Weld Preparation Tool Assembly is manufacture using best quality raw material, which we procures from most reliable vendors. In NUCLEAR HEAT EXCHANGER Tube to tube sheet Fuse / Tig Welding. This tool trims the tube to under flush the tube sheet face and chamfers the tube sheet hole 45 deg in one operation. In one operation facing and chamfering in special cutlers are design and attached to the total assembly.

Before workpieces can welded by means of gas fusion welding or arc welding, the weld edges must clean. Oil, wax layers, paint or scale must remove. Welding points should also be empty of metals, because welds do not stop without preparing. Avoid lubricating the metal. Therefore, coolants or snuffers can not used. If weld preparation is carries out on aluminium, It is necessary for the manufacturer to take an abrasive clearance to approved or recommended for aluminum. Sand blasting is also a possible method for preparing the weld. However, In this case it is necessary to pay attention to matching materials that are suitable for explosive material (boring or shot). The manufacturers usually give relevant information.

Manual cleaning is also a possible method for preparation of the weld. Only use stainless steel brushes for this. Other brushes can cause inclusions of carbon steel to occur in the parent metal. Use welder???s soapstone for marking rough dimensions, bend lines, and to show cutting lines that need to hold up under cutting torch heat. A line of center-punch marks can more accurate and will also withstand torch heat. For very accurate layout lines, spray paint the metal in the layout lines and use a scriber to scratch through the paint to make the lines. Alternatively, machinist???s layout fluid available in red or blue can used to make the scribed lines visible. Although these lines will not hold up under torch heat, they can essential to laying out non-torch cutting lines. Felt-tip pens can use in place of layout fluid to darken the metal to better show scribed lines. If the wires are too thin they smear the dirt and if they are too thick they cause deep scratches on the surface or edge to welded. Milling is also a very good variant of weld preparation, as very clean edges result. This makes it easier for the welder to join assemblies. Improved scarfing tool consists of a mount-table, roller-guided assembly. It converts a conventional routing machine for relatively precise field preparation of pipes for welding.

Here are some Welding Hand Tools we providing to our customer likewise -:
The welding torches in the Novelty Power product family are gas-cooled manual welding torches with a good output. The ergonomically shaped grip, a ball joint and best weight distribution allow for effortless operation. Their robust design makes the welding torches reliable partners for all applications. With our welding rod dispensers, you have the perfect equipment on your site. No longer twisting or manually dispensing of the welding rod. The welding generates an intense arc of light - some of which is in the ultraviolet spectrum - and proper safety is important to protect eyes from damage. To protect eyes, we recommends wearing a welding helmet. The welder machines is design for the welding specialists. It is the ideal machine to meet the requirements of maintenance applications. The new Tubomatic volume crimping machine is use to crimp hydraulic hoses which have some spirals and industrial hose. It features a particularly narrow crimping head which is ideal for crimping pipe ends with 90?? couplings or large flanges. It benefits from having a new electronic control which has a color touch screen display, a new silent pump and self lubricating moving components. etc.



Weld Preparation Tool Assembly