We are one of the leading best quality Retubing Tube Expansion in India Mumbai. The Retubing Tube Expansion is ready using best quality raw material, which we procures from most reliable vendors. After successful removal of tubes from reclaimed tube sheet, it is necessary to inspect tube sheet holes dimensionally to assess the deviation or variation of dimension with respect to its original tube sheet holes dimensions stated in drawing. It observed that while retubing strength expanded tube sheets vary most in dimension than light expanded tube sheet holes. Due to higher limit of % thinned tube expansion or marginally over-rolled tube, tube sheet holes are found oversize, oval ligaments disturbed or even digmarks in tube sheet holes. In such condition customer should not expect the same parameters established as earlier in original construction condition. It is a challenging work to carry out tube expansion according to the merit of personal hole dimensions.

Tube expansion, whether fresh or retubed it is most important that quality of tube expansion depends upon:
1. Quality Tube Expander Sets
2. Appropriate parameters calculations of required working conditions
3. Alert attention of expansion operator
4. If the expander components are precisely manufactured in very close limit of tolerance with perfect heat treatment cycle observed to a special alloy steel recommended for the tube components then end results of expansion carried according to limits fixed in mock-up holds good.

But one of the reason is not matching as above mentioned even 10% thinning may not enough and may lead to distort ligament and in future retubing of same tube sheet may not quality for reclaiming condition. Experience operators should appoint to carry out such tube expansion and at the same time, should alert to understand replacement of tooling according to the working experience, properties of tube qualities etc. To set up the limits of tube expansion wall thinning of expanded tube determines the power of strength of holding joint and it established by the specified operating conditions that the equipment must withstand and for the reason push-out of expanded tube is test by pull-out method. Forecast estimation of pull-out load should at least 1000 kg and seven tube numbers are expand seven to 4.5% throwing and their pull-out load appears more than 1100, and later the thinning limits should not exceed 5%. Over-rolling must be avoiding at any case.



Retubing Tube Expansion In India Mumbai