We are one of the leading best quality 5 Roller Tube Expanders manufacturer in India Mumbai. The 5 Roller Tube Expanders is manufacture using best quality raw material, which we procures from most reliable vendors. Condenser Tube expander for thin wall tubes e.g. Titanium Tubes It generate better expansion results. Covers 40% more area in one rotation of expanding operation and expands tube more spherical than to roller expander in free expansion at less than 0% expansion thinning. 5 roller expander expansion gives better push out results, accuracy and mirror finish. 5 roller expander with minimum helix angle of rolls performs as burnishing tool.

Burnishing: Roller burnishing work is one of the method for precision finished in which precision finished rollers are cause to rotate in contact with the work to effect plastic deformation metal surface to a very slight degree. The surface of the section through lathe or boring machine is succession of projections and indentation when microscopically examined roller burnishing comprises these projections into indentations to form a smooth surface.

The Novelty Power is a complete range of tube expander exclusively designed and manufactured by India for the rolling of tubes in heat exchangers and boilers. They can roll tubes from 6,35 mm up to 76,20 mm ( from 1/4" up to 3" ). The 55 Roller tube expander have five rollers to overcome the problems resulting from rolling thin-walled tubes. These tube expander, used for special rolling operations, use a mandrel with reduced tapering to cut the residual stress in the expanded tubes. There are some features of Rollers such as '5-Roller' design is use primarily for rolling thin-walled tubes used in sugar mill pan, juice heaters. '5-Roller' gives a more concentric, uniform expansion vs a 3 roll expander in thin tubes & reduces spring back action. Time tested and durable design. It is for use For TOP plate tube expansion in pan, juice heaters in sugar mills etc.. We also offer customized products as per the specifications provided by our clients.

Our focus has always been on customer satisfaction with an uncompromising integrity. Our products are of the finest value and quality in the global market. In the quest for excellence we attempt to improve our activities and make our company to reach newer heights. At Novelty Power our pioneering research and engineering have resulted in top quality manufacturing equipment since we opened our company. We specialize in providing some of the most accurate machining systems and tools available on the market today, including our tube expander. Of all the various methods of tube expansion available, using a setter or tube expander is the safest, most precise, and most cost-effective. We design and manufacture all the different tools that is needed for the tube expansion process. These include tube expander that meet the needs of a whole variety of tube and tube sheet configurations, such as high-speed types that allow expansion time to reduced by increasing the feed angle. We also offer 5-roller specifications for use in thin tubes. Our tube expander can help with a variety of applications.



5 Roller Tube Expanders Manufacturer In India