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Playground slides are found in parks, schools, playgrounds and backyards. The slide perhaps flat, or half cylindrical or tubular to prevent falls. Slides are usually constructed of plastic or metal and they have a smooth surface that is either straight or wavy. The user, typically a child, climbs to the top of the slide via a ladder or stairs and sits down on the top of the slide and slides down the chute. When choosing a playground slide, consider the many shapes and sizes available. The art of play is a delicate one. Play is fun and easy and must not the cause of anyone's stress. That being said, the creative engineering behind playground slides alone can a headache for investors simply looking to offer recreational activities for kids in their communities. Design, safety, and material regulations loom like rain clouds over the planning and construction phases. And, as anybody that's ever spent time on a playground installation site can tell you, rain is the enemy. Rather than getting bogged down with choices and consequences, let us walk you through the big decision points in constructing a safe slide that's fun for all ages. Whether a basic wave slide having one or more swing set slides is an essential part for any backyard playground set. Find the perfect playground slide for your project right here, with our wide choice of high quality and affordable playground slides. Sliding is a favorite activity of children. After all a quick exit from the "castle" can essential! Most residential children's slides are easily mounted to your existing wood deck using broad-headed carriage bolts through the lip that rests on the deck.

Commercial children's slides typically mounted using a bracket or slide mounting kit and a slide foot. The playground slide is known as a slide, slippery slide, slipper slide or slippery dip depending on the region. Sliding pond or sliding pon is a term used various country area, it is corruption of "slide upon". Playground Slides are a fast, fun and exhilarating way for children of all ages to get up and down. We offer a lot of slides, from simple and straight to triple, side-by-side and twisty, all sized appropriately for each age group! Playground slides offer a way for kids to get all the challenge they want and need, with the safety features, like slide hoods, you demand. Available in your choice of colors. Metal playground slides are a great choice for children with cochlear implants, because the static of a plastic playground slide can interfere with the implants, and a great choice for city parks that might have high vandalism concerns. Kids slides are a playground staple. Playground slides come in different lengths, so kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy the exhilarating motion of flying down playground slides. There's a lot to think about when purchasing playground slides. Do you want a tall, straight slide, or a spiral slide, or a double, looping slide! Some slides are a sensory extravaganza, adding some calming bumps along the way. Playground slides will keep kids entertained for years to come.



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