We are best See Saw Manufacturer in India, Mumbai, Pune. We have diverse scope of See Saw like Double See saw, Mickey See saw, Triple See saw and so forth. We have faith in conveyance the best quality play ground See Saw for children remembering the nature of the item and security of the client. We go the extra mile to accomplish client satisfaction through our enormity in laying out, gathering, foundation and backing. Our arranging, planning and amassing make our See Saw of Low support, Ease to introduce, Durable, Smooth and Comfortable. Our extent of play equipment meets security standards to ensure completed according to wellbeing of the children.

Seesaws, a must have for every playground! A seesaw is also known as a teeter-totter or teeter board it is a long, narrow board supported by a single pivot point, most commonly at the midpoint between both ends as one end goes up, the other goes down. Mechanically, a seesaw is a lever which, like all levers, consists of a beam and fulcrum. The most common playground design of seesaw features a board balanced in the center. A person sits on each end, and they take turns pushing their feet against the ground to lift their side into the air. Playground seesaws usually have handles for the riders to grip as they sit facing each other. Seesaws also are manufactures in shapes designed to look like other things, such as airplanes, helicopters and animals. Seesaws, and the eagerness of children to play with them, are sometimes used to aid in mechanical processes. Our Seesaws offer opportunities for collaborative play as kids keep active! Single to multi-seat seesaws available.

Two seats - The Seesaws offer opportunities for collaborative play as kids keep active! Fun for two to four kids. Develops strength and co-ordination in young children while offer a fun time. The steel construction is powder-coated blue with white accents. This is a favorite on early childhood playgrounds.

Four seats - The four seat seesaws offer opportunities for collaborative play as kids keep active! Fun for four kids also. Four comfortable seats with a small back surround. Children can work together to rock back and forth, developing strength and co-ordination. This is also promotes teamwork!

Back support - The back support adds safety and back support to new seesaws or later as a retrofit. The back support is available for quick ship molded seats offer an added safety measure, and hand hold give children with the tools to hold on the back support while bouncing and having fun.

Sheep seats - The two-seat sheep seesaw is a great way to add motion to a farm-themed playground.

Stand Up seats - The Stand-Up Seesaw promotes collaborative play and teamwork through lots of ups and downs! Unique spring mechanism for controlled bounce. The stand-up seats is a multifunctional piece of play equipment. The one of a kind design combines a stand-up seats structure with a seesaw. Children will learn co-operation as they work together to make it move. Children will improve their core and upper body strength as they stand-up across.



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