Horizontal Auger Drilling Tools and Conical Horizontal Auger Drilling Tools Manufacturer in India Mumbai, High Quality Drilling Tools manufacturer and Exporters in India and Exporter of Buckets, Conical Horizontal Auger Drilling Tools etc. The range of horizontal augers drilling tools from is known for its neat construction, robust overall form, and ideal ratio of flight pitch to auger diameter for optimal drilling characteristics. An Auger Boring Machine is use to bore horizontally through soil or rock with a cutting head and auger. Auger Boring is use to install pipe casing under railroads, highway, airport runways, creeks or any area of the surface ground that cannot be open cut or disturbed in any way. An Auger Machine is use to horizontally through Soil or Rock with a cutting head and auger.

Fast and easy usage, efficient performance and outstanding power and engineering are the features of horizontal auger drilling tools Machines. Boring method is the procedure to drive the pipes whose diameter through auger horizontal drill. With this method, all kinds of highway, railway, passing can manage. On systems that use Cover Steel pipes, our horizontal pipe jacking machine which we manufacture and sell and which functions is use with drilling and discharging ways. A backing plate, usually a steel or reinforced concrete block, is install in the wall opposite of the boring to withstand the thrust exerted by the boring machine. The machine bores through the earth with a cutting head and the jacking force is supply by hydraulic thrust. The pipe casing and auger sections is attach the machine advances. Spoil is remove from the auger through the casing to a door on the side of the machine. The length of the drive depends on the ground conditions.



Horizontal Auger Drilling Tools Manufacturer In India