We are leading Swing Check Valves manufacturers in India Mumbai, we have exported our Swing Check Valves across the globe. A check valve or non-return valve which normally allows to flow through it in only one direction.Check valves are two-port valves, means they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. The main advantage of a check valve is its simple design. Generally, check valves also are smaller and easier to install than other valve types, making maintenance easier and more efficient. Although they are available in a range of sizes and costs. Cast steel with uniform wall thickness smooth flowing contours and generous fillet radii to prevent stress concentrations. Designed for structural stability, mechanical strength and safe weld ability. Precision machined.Our products is design with precision, and our team of experts ensures the same. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with all the modern machines, and advanced production facilities.

There are many forms of verify valves found in a variety of applications. A swing valve is a butterfly style check valve in which the disc, the movable part to block the flow, swings on a hinge or trunnion, either the seat to block reverse flow or off the seat to allow forward flow. The seat opening cross-section perhaps perpendicular to the centerline between the two ports or at an angle. Although swing check valves can come in various sizes, large check valves are often swing check valves. A swing check valve are ascend with a disc that swings on a hinge or shaft. The disc swings off the seat to allow forward flow and when the flow stopped, the disc swings back perhaps the seat to block reverse flow. The weight of the disc and the return flow has an impact on the shut-off characteristics of the valve. A swing valve is normally recommended for use in systems employing gate valves because of the low pressure drop across the valve. In either style, the disk and hinge is exclude from the body with a hinge pin. Often a lever and weight or a lever and spring ascend to do best performance. Swing check valves with lever and weight are proper for installations with an increased risk of water hammer at standard velocities. Swing check valves with lever and external spring are suitable for high pressure, insufficient back pressure and high flow velocities. An important thing must aware of when installing a swing check valve is, that it is not completely maintenance free since the disc needs to do cleaned once in a while. Furthermore, a lever is often mounted to enable visual check. Therefore, swing check valves are often installed where workforce is present.

For standard or critical applications swing check valves we offer a range of convenience, performance and safety options. Our swing check valves designed with focus on easy access to maintenance. By unscrewing a few bolts the bonnet assembly including hinge and disc can removed from the body, and maintenance performed. The light-weight disc of rubber with lip sealing and steel insert requires a minimum of force to open and close the valve. The disc ascend in a nylon bushing, which allows it to move slightly both horizontally and vertically to close completely tight also in case of minor impurities in the seat. The seat is place in an angle providing tightness even at low back pressure. The hinge is make of acid-resistant stainless steel and is firmly tightened around the shaft with bolts to remove play and thus to make sure durability. Where limited space is available, the hinge can placed in reverse place. When mounted with lever and weight, the swing check valves in small dimensions offer possibility of priming by moving the lever manually. There are many different types of valves, all with slightly different purposes. One of the most common and useful valves available is the swing check valve. This valve designed to transport fluids in only one direction. As stated before, a swing check valve is for when you want fluid traveling in only one direction. Another important detail about these valves is that they recommended no external power, which makes them ideal for a range of applications. They also let fluid pass through without slowing down the flow much when fully open. The weight is adjustable on the lever to achieved a soft closing against the seat as well as an optimum closing speed to prevent water hammer. A guard covering the lever and weight is available as an extra safety, as it eliminates the risk of injuries. The guard is available with limit switches for remote monitoring. One of the most common uses of a swing check valve is the flapper valve in a flush-toilet mechanism. This allows water to enter from the bottom of the tank, but prevents it from draining out the same way. Swing check valves are the most common type of valve in water and wastewater pumping systems. In any situation where back flow could cause problems, swing check valves are the go-to.



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