Solar power is clean green electricity that is either created from sunlight or from heat from the sun. Having solar electricity in your home usually means setting up a solar photovoltaic system on your roof.

Solar cells are devices which convert solar light energy directly into electricity and function by the photovoltaic effect. Photon means light and voltaic means electric current or electricity (light-electricity). A solar cell provides direct current (DC) electricity that can used to power DC motors and light bulbs among other things. Solar cells can even be used to charge rechargeable batteries so that electricity can stored for later use when the sun is not available. The fully charged batteries are portable energy that can used when and wherever they are necessary.

Using solar power means reducing your energy bills and saving money. Also, installing solar PV panels adds value to your home. They are low maintenance and unobtrusive.

PV systems generate energy from sunlight during the day. This energy goes into a grid connect inverter which converts the DC current into AC current, similar to that of the grid. This solar electricity current can then power all the appliances in your home, such as cooking appliances, phones, computers, lights, radios, etc Power can drawn directly from the solar inverter and any leftover electricity can then be fed back into the grid.



Solar Energy