We are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of best quality Frp Cable Trays in India Mumbai. FRP usually also called GRP. It's a reinforced material, which means you turn a material then you make it into something other.The cable tray is the bridge or the structure that is useful in safe transport of wires across the open spans and provides protection against heating and other building problems. In these days, most of the cable tray manufacturers are using FRP to manufacture these structures. FRP makes the items strong, durable and easy to install. FRP cable trays is manufacture for a comprehensive array of cable management requirements. Created from glass armoured thermostat fire resistant resins, our each cable support system is design uniquely, FRP Cable Trays are safe, durable and cost-effective for rooting and supporting cables. The fiberglass cable trays are cost-effective too.

Our manufactured FRP Cable Tray is in huge demand in the industry. We have emerged out as one of the best manufacturer as well as supplier of this item. The best feature of our product is that we always use glass and resin of the best standard so that the products can become flexible and can run for a long time. Frp Cable Trays offers a range of products, supplies in various sizes. These cable rays manufactured via Automated Process which ensures consistent best quality product. FRP Cable Tray are extremely durable and resistant to all kinds Chemical attack. FRP Cable Trays can used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe including, Offshore Platforms, Chemical Plants, Oil and Metal Refineries, Water Treatment Plants and many more industries. We keep us updated about the latest happenings of the industry and include the latest trends in our production process. Quality check done at every step so that there is no manufacturing defect in the finished products. FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays offered by assembling different types of combinations of cultured Cross Sections, Side runners and Rungs. The Rungs are epoxy bonded and fastened to prove high strength against Point, Side and Uniform loads. FRP Cable Trays made of corrosion resistant fibre reinforced plastic, and aimed for electrical and instrumentation installations. The design delivers weight reductions while maintaining strength and maximizing loading ability.

The material is lightweight and does not rust. The design delivers improvements when lifting and fitting Tray and Support equipment. The Cable Trays are available in different resin materials, each formulated to satisfy special project requirements. The channel type, solid bottom, pre-drilled cable trays designed for light loads namely instrumentation and control cables and for transition from cable trays to personal control points. Our FRP cable trays support systems are ideal for locations where the metallic systems get easily corroded. Our FRP cable trays ladders made on fully automated heavy-duty plant. Our cable trays meet stringent Fire retardant requirements. Our FRP cable trays are ideal solutions for most sensitive areas that are susceptible to corrosion and soon get rusted, FRP material is popular worldwide due to corrosion resistant properties and durability. Being reputed FRP cable tray manufacturer in India, our products are fully automated and they can installed with convenience. These are good replacement of those cable trays that easily get corrode, spread heat and erode.

Our FRP cable trays tested by independent authorities as per various specifications and inspected. Our FRP cable trays manufactured for a comprehensive array of cable management requirements. FRP cable trays erode, corrode and spread heat, thus lead to power interruptions. Our FRP Cable Trays are safe, durable and cost-effective for rooting and supporting cables. Created from glass armoured thermosetting fire resistant resins, our each cable support system designed and manufactured with sturdy metals, mostly steel and aluminium, excluding their corrosion, electrical conductivity and weight problems. We supplies FRP cable trays in varied sizes along several fittings like bends, tees, cross, reduces, etc. for every large or small project. It is widely acknowledged by leading consultants, contractors and multinational companies. Leading the industry with extensive collection of covers and fittings, become premium FRP tray manufacturing company in India. We also offer cable duct fittings to our esteemed users.



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